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Friends only

I don't think I'm fabulous, I don't have delusions of grandeur, I just like to know who's reading about my life.

Friends Only. Comment to be added.

Aw hell, why not. I'll read.

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Looking for an add so I can read your ranting. Why do I find human misery so enlightening?

Re: Aw hell, why not. I'll read.

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Welcome aboard!

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Saw you on ADIML and thought we could befriend each other?

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Sure, welcome aboard!

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Image (
Hey there! This is a new photography community.
Members are able to participate in weekly contests.
Please come check us out :]

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we were friends many moons ago- i was paris_skies. hope you're still updating, and if so, i'd love to be friends again :)

missed you!

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YAZ!!!!!!! I'VE MISSED YOU! Yes I still update, adding you now :-X

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Am enjoying your ongoing Sheldon/Penny fic and would love to be friended and read more of your work.


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I appreciate it, but I don't post any of my work in my journal - in fact, this is my first story. I'll continue to post them to the community though!

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Hey it's Kimmie. Add me? :)